Sunday, February 1, 2009

LaVa Cafe, Philadelphia PA

On a recent Sunday morning I join two brunchmates at LaVa Cafe. More coffee shop than typical brunch spot, LaVa offers a nice variety of options at prices that work in today's economy. A relaxed environment with the slogan “Get to know your neighbors,” LaVa offers both table and sofa seating.

Hot Apple Cider I order the vegetarian soup of the day ($3.50) and hot apple cider. The cider is nicely spiced and slightly foamy. The perfect drink on a very cold day.

The soup is advertised as lentil but they ran out and I receive a bowl of vegetable soup. This is fine by me because it looks so good that a brunchmate decides to order one as well!

Vegetable Soup

Filled with chunks of carrots, celery, and other veggies, the soup tastes like a very good traditional chicken-noodle soup (minus the chicken and the noodles). It is served with fresh bread.

One brunchmate orders the Caramel French Toast ($4.85). Made with Brioche bread and served with fresh berries, this is a delicious, "buttery, pillowy goodness" of a bargain despite the containers of fake maple syrup that it is served with.

French Toast

Egg&Cheese Sandwich
Another brunchmate orders the Egg & Cheese Sandwich ($3.65), which is served on some fantastic looking bread. The cheese is "creamy in a very good way."

As we're about to leave, we see that LaVa makes Jachnoon –“Rolled dough baked overnight. Served with fresh grated tomato & hard boiled egg” ($6.50). Alas, this pretzel-like treat is only served on Saturdays.

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