Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Rocket Cat Cafe, Philadelphia PA

A fun, relaxed coffee-shop on Frankford Ave in the "Northportfishington" section of Philadelphia, The Rocket Cat Cafe offers more than just coffee and tea.

They have a wide mix of sandwiches and soups, including a number of gluten-free and vegan options. On a recent morning, I tried their sweet potato hummus with fresh avocado on a cinnamon raisin bagel.

I was a bit unsure of the flavor combination, but the cinnamon raisin worked perfectly with the slightly-sweet, slightly-spicy tones of the hummus.

They had chai hot apple cider listed on the menu, but unfortunately were out of apple cider. Being in a bit of an adventurous mood, I asked the barista if it might be possible to substitute hot chocolate instead. Thankfully she said it was because, wow, talk about delicious. Chai hot chocolate tastes slightly like a Mexican-style hot chocolate, with subtle notes of cinnamon and ginger, but is not as overwhelming. The flavors roll gently over the taste buds instead of full-on body slamming them.

Beat & Honey Cream Cheese
One brunchmate tried the honey-beat cream cheese. The beat flavor was extremely minor, if it was even there are all, and mostly just lend a nice pink hue to the delicately sweet cream cheese.

Another brunchmate went with the egg & cheese sandwich. A simple breakfast classic done right.

egg & cheese sandwich

The atmosphere in the cafe is calm and comfortable: many people are settled down with laptops plugged in, others seem to be enjoying deep conversations. In the corner there is an old computer, circa 1999, that looks available for computer-less customers to surf the web. There is a shelf of books with a possible game or two on it as well. The Rocket Cat Cafe offers good food & drinks along with some friendly neighborhood charm.

If you go:
  • 2001 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA.
  • Phone: (215) 739-4526
  • They accept credit cards
  • Open daily until 9PM
  • Rocket Cat Cafe FB Page

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