Monday, November 24, 2008

Famous 4th Street Deli, Philadelphia PA

When you're in the mood for deli food in Philadelphia, there's no better choice than Famous 4th Street Deli.

They serve breakfast all day (including challah french-toast), offer a wide selection of sandwiches (although most are not vegetarian friendly), and serve up deli favorites such as potato pancakes, bagels and lox, and kugel. There is one request on the menu: "Please order what we do, not what we don't do."

pickles and slaw
As soon as we are seated, our server delivers a complimentary plate of pickles and slaw. The dill pickles are so fresh they could be called cucumbers--I am not a fan but my brunch-mate loves them. The slaw has a delightfully sweet flavor that compliments the vinegar in it perfectly.

Potato Pancakes
I order an everything bagel with cream cheese and the side of potato pancakes. The bagel arrives lightly toasted with about 1/4 cup of cream cheese on the side!
The side of pancakes (3) are served plain but upon request chunky applesauce is delivered. The pancakes are crispy and not too oily--excellent with the applesauce.

My brunch-mate goes with the hot pastrami sandwich, which is served with a side of choice (another order of potato pancakes). Big enough for at least two meals, this sandwich is "fatty, salty, and greasy in the best way possible!"

Hot Pastrami Sandwich
While service is prompt, the atmosphere in 4th Street Deli is relaxed--you could probably sit and read the weekend paper without feeling rushed to leave. Our table offers a view of Bainbridge Street--perfect for people watching.

Famous 4th Street Chocolate Chip Cookies4th Street has a fantastic selection of home-made sweets, but our portion sizes leave us with no room for dessert. To our delight the check arrives with two bite-size versions of the Famous 4th Street Chocolate Chip cookies. These cookies have a rich vanilla flavor, are crispy on the edges and soft in the middle, chock-full of chips, and totally satisfy the lingering sweet-tooth.

If you go:
  • 700 S Fourth Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147-3102
  • Phone: (215) 922-3274
  • They accept credit cards.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Nudy's Luncheonette, Wayne, PA

About 40minutes outside of Philadelphia, Nudy's Luncheonette is small enough to drive past without noticing at first. Hidden behind Whole Foods Market, and almost passing as a residential home, only those who slow down will discover that Nudy's offers a full menu of brunch favorites in a delightfully cozy setting.

Their sweet options include a wide selection of pancakes and french toasts ranging from the everyday to more exciting flavors: banana walnut, peaches and cream, almondine, and gingerbread.

They have a number of savory selections (a few with steak I think)--but nothing that looked exciting to this vegetarian. Nudy's menu also includes a few unexciting salad options, most including chicken. They do list their salad dressings on the menu though, so props on that.

I ordered the ricotta crepe with fresh fruit and whipped cream. My brunch-mate ordered a poached egg (quite good) and the thick-bread french toast.

The presentation of the meals was very pretty to look at: each plate was covered with a gentle coating of powdered sugar and a fresh orange slice.

While my berries were a bit on the wrinkled side of fresh, I can't really complain for late November. The crepe was sweet but not overpowering. Since the maple syrup looked like it might be the fake stuff I opted to simply stick with the whip cream, which worked out better than I expected.

On a Sunday afternoon every table was taken in the small luncheonette, but service was quite attentive.

Overall I would say that Nudy's is a good choice if you're looking for that "home cooked" style brunch with a wide selection of pancakes.

If you go:
  • 292 E Conestoga Rd, Wayne, PA 19087-2519
  • Phone: (610) 687-1345
  • They accept credit cards.