Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cafe Apamate, Philadelphia PA

Some Sundays there is almost an hour wait for brunch at Cafe Apamate. Other Sundays, you can just walk right in. On my most recent visit the place is almost empty, but even if you have to wait it's totally worth it.

If clouds tasted like pancakes they would taste like the ones at Cafe Apamate. I have never had one fluffier. The Panquecas con Fruta ($7.95) is served with berries and whipped cream so fresh that it melts before I finish eating it!

Panquecas con Fruta
The only slight change I would make to this dish: it comes with maple syrup already poured. While the syrup is very good, I end up having too much soaked in at the beginning and not enough by the end. Next time I will know to ask for it on the side.

My brunchmate orders the amazing Tostas con Pisto ($6.95): A mixture of veggies served over toasted bread and topped with a poached egg. The veggies and egg soak into the crispy bread to create a texture explosion. The meal is balanced by a delicious salad of mixed greens. The salad has strawberry slices in it that compliment the acidic vinaigrette-dressing beautifully.

Tostas con Pisto

Having tried them here before, I am looking forward to our order of Churros Clásicos ($6), served with a decadent dark chocolate dipping sauce these churrous are crispy and sweet. Unfortunately, the churros machine breaks down so we left without dessert. Other than that, this is a perfect brunch: great food, excellent service, reasonable prices, in a cozy atmosphere.

If you go:

  • 1620 South St
    Philadelphia, PA 19146
  • Phone: (215) 790-1620

  • Cash only.
  • Brunch Served Sundays, 11AM-2:30PM
  • Cafe Apamate