Monday, October 8, 2012

Plate, Ardmore PA

Plate Restaurant is tucked away in the heart of Ardmore's Suburban Square. With a dark wood interior and several rooms for dining, the atmosphere is cozy and inviting. If only the food were as nice.

On a recent Sunday, my brunchmates and I settled in for what we hoped would be an amazing meal. Thankfully we were in no rush, because while the place had maybe 4 other tables filled with people, it took almost an hour before our meals were served.

While we were waiting, our delightful sever brought us a basket of pastries to munch on. They ranged from delicious to not-worth-the-carbs  (Sorry, I forgot to take a photo but it was a random mix of mini cinnamon buns, chocolate chip scones, muffins and more).

House Smoked Salmon Omelet
 Deciding to try something a little different, I ordered the House Smoked Salmon Omelet ($12.95). It came with toast, hash browns, and cantaloupe. Sadly I found salmon and eggs to be a pretty terrible combination, not only while dining but a few hours later with heartburn as well.  The cantaloupe was delicious but the hash browns were a bit dry and unseasoned. I had requested no toast, but it came with some anyway.

Make Your Own Omelet

 One brunchmate tried the Make Your Own Omelet ($9.95 for 3 choices, $1.50 for each additional). He asked if he could add bacon to his omelet and was told "yes, for an upcharge" but something clearly was lost in translation because his bacon arrived on the side.

Egg White Omelet

Another brunchmate had the Egg White Omelet ($11.95), served with grilled veggies and a baby greens salad. I think the grilled veggies were inside the omelet, but I did not see the baby greens salad. It was "fine," but not better than what you could probably make at home.

While it may appear that omelets alone are the problem, another brunchmate tried the Orange Chicken Salad Sandwich ($10.95), served with red grapes, seasoned aioli, baby mache greens on a toasted brioche Le Bus roll.  It looked very pretty and the grapes were a nice addition, but the chicken salad was dry and lacked any hint of orange flavor. The bun was so small that only half the salad fit on it, and I gave my brunchmate my bread for the rest of it.  The chips, which took up most the plate, were oily and lacked flavor and the coleslaw was basic at best.

Orange Chicken Salad Sandwich

While the atmosphere was nice, the location delightful, and the service pleasant, unfortunately the kitchen at Plate will not have me rushing back anytime soon.  

If you go:
  • 105 Coulter Avenue  Ardmore, PA 19003
  • Phone: (610) 642-5900
  • They accept credit cards. 
  • Sunday Only Brunch
  • Plate Restaurant

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