Friday, February 27, 2009

Sam's Morning Glory Diner, Philadelphia PA

Hot CocoaI've eaten at Morning Glory quiet a few times and both the food and service always seems to be a bit hit or miss. Unfortunately on my most recent visit the service was a definite miss.

Arriving before my brunchmate, the server delivered menus and curtly asked "do you know how long it will be before the other person arrives?" While I could understand this question if the place was full, on a weekday morning there were plenty of open tables. Almost as popular as Sabrina's, the only time you will find empty tables like this is midweek.

Unsure about ordering the hot chocolate ($2), I asked if it was made with real chocolate or was from a mix. I was assured that it was made in-house with actual chocolate. Unfortunately the taste did not match the description; it seemed more like warmed-up Nestle Quick and the texture was not at all like real hot chocolate. I did not finish it.

Deciding to stick with the specials menu, I ordered the Oatmeal with fresh fruit ($7) and my brunchmate ordered the Pancakes with chocolate chips with an orange mascarpone topping ($8).

The oatmeal had just a hint of cinnamon, which I found slightly odd with the fruit but the taste grew on me. While the dish was served with a container of brown sugar, the bananas and mango were perfectly ripe and all the sweetness I needed.

My brunchmate found the three huge pancakes to be "tasty but way too much food!" The orange mascarpone was very subtle and paired nicely with the chocolate chip batter.


At the end of our meal I realized, perhaps, why our server had wondered when my friend would arrive. I think his shift must have ended. Or perhaps he had a lunch break? Whatever the case, it would have been fine if he had let us know he wasn't coming back but he quickly dropped off the bill without asking if we needed anything else. After chatting for awhile, we realized he was totally MIA and that no one planned to return to us, so we asked at the counter for "to go" containers. Unfortunately the only size they had were extra-small, so my brunchmate was forced to hack up the leftovers in order to make them fit.

While not a complete disaster, Morning Glory is beginning to lose its charm.

If you go:
  • 735 S 10th St, Philadelphia, PA 19147
  • Phone: (215) 413-3999
  • Cash only.
  • Website link does not work.

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