Sunday, January 8, 2012

2012 Raw Foods Challenge, Day 7

grapefruitRaw Foods Challenge, day 7.

Today is the last day of the challenge. If it had been the first, I probably would have put off eating raw so I'm glad it was the last.

I met brunch mates for breakfast at a diner. I planned ahead and had a delicious smoothie with fruits, greens, and coconut water. At the diner I decided that I would eat non-raw if I wanted to, but instead decided to order grapefruit.

For lunch I had some nuts, honey, raw cheese, and fruit. I've found this to be such an easy lunch and does not get old because it is easy to vary the type of nuts & fruit (and to a lesser extent the raw cheese). Usually after lunch I usually crave something sweet, but the honey is sweet enough to satisfy that desire.

egg-less saladFor dinner I had Brad's Raw Sun Dried Tomato Chips with Awesome Food's Egg-less Salad and a Citrus Kombucha. The salad has a nice crunch of celery and great mix of spices. It tastes great with the chips, I only wish that raw prepared foods were not so expensive. The combined retail price of these three items cost $16.07. Fine for a treat, but not an everyday meal.

Later in the day, I bought some raw mango slices to snack on. I've had mango slices before. Neither liked or dislike them, just neutral. But today they taste amazing. Not sure if my taste-buds have opened up or if I just got an especially good batch. I am thinking it is the former.

Overall I've really enjoyed experiencing a raw foods diet. Trying it for a week is a challenge that while difficult at first, is not impossible by any means. This experience has made me more conscious about foods and how they make me feel. I already was what most people would consider a healthy eater, but eating raw has opened my eyes to a whole new perspective on food.

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