Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Kitchenette Uptown, New York NY

Kitchenette Uptown is filled with charm. Our table is made from a pastel painted wooden door, covered in glass. The decor reminds me a bit of Sabrina's in Philadelphia. And like Sabrina's, you can order brunch food any day of the week. On an early Sunday evening, Kitchenette Uptown was fairly empty but I imagine that is probably not the case earlier in the day. The waitstaff is friendly and prompt, and the food is delicious.

While tempted by their unusually flavored shakes (Red Velvet and Campfire S'more are among the options) I stick with a traditional chocolate milkshake ($6). Sadly the whipped cream is clearly from a can and not fresh, but the consistency of the shake is perfect. I could do with it being a bit more dark chocolatey, but for most palates they have it about right. And it is served in a mason jar!

chick pea burgerI try the Chick Pea Burger, made with mashed chickpeas, carrots and roasted red onions and served on pita with side of tahini ($13.50). Really delicious, but also really messy to eat since the chickpea consistency is slightly closer to hummus than burger. The mild tahini compliments the burger nicely while not overwhelming it. The burger comes with a side and I ordered the butternut-squash. It lacked flavor and needed a bit of salt and perhaps some maple syrup to brighten it up.

Coming off of a week of eating totally raw, this meal was overwhelmingly filling.

My brunchmate orders the Shepherd's Pie – with ground beef, carrots and mashed potato crust ($14.00). Total comfort food, the beef is tender and the overall dish has a gentle sweetness that pulls the flavors together.

Shepard's Pie

Prices are quite reasonable for New York, the vibe is fun and friendly, and the desserts look delicious (if only we had room!).

If you go:
  • 1272 Amsterdam Avenue, New York, NY 10027
  • Phone: (212) 531-7600
  • They accept credit cards, but offer a discount if you pay with cash.
  • Kitchenette Restaurant

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