Monday, January 30, 2012

Oasis Living Cuisine, Frazer PA (Part II)

Hempseed SpreadWhile the shop at Oasis Living Cuisine is quite simple, the products are unique and competitively priced. They offer everything from raw "ice creams" made from nut-milk, to honeycomb, maca powder, hemp-seed spreads, and chocolate-covered kale chips. They also have an array of books available about eating & living a raw lifestyle.

raw parmesan In addition to their eclectic selection from others, Oasis offers their own product line of flavored raw nuts (from cinnamon to ranch), nut-based crackers, sprouted granola, "cheese" and more.

Their dehydrated kale chips have an airy crunch to them. I tried the coconut curry flavor, which is a playful mix of sweet & spicy. The lingering aroma of curry mixed with a hint of apple cider vinegar, evokes an old world melting with new. I could could see these pairing nicely with a curry chicken or sagg paneer. Or perhaps as the base for a raw foods version of a classic Indian dish.

raw chocolate displayOasis also has a wide-array of raw chocolates. Some are sweetened with honey, others with agave. All of the chocolates are dark. It is clear that they use a high quality cocoa source that produces a decent consistency & flavor. That said, the texture is not as smooth as what you would find in a traditionally-made high quality dark chocolate.

Many of the truffles that I tasted had an almost crumbly texture, resulting from the combination of honey and nut fillings. I was underwhelmed by the fruit flavors (cherry, raspberry), but the coconut, mint, and ginger truly shined.

raw chocolates in box

truffle display case
With Valentine's Day just around the corner, vegan & raw food chocoholics will be delighted to know that Oasis will have holiday themed, hand-crafted, raw, vegan chocolate truffles.

Their 2012 Valentine Truffle Collection includes flavors such as raspberry, blackberry, mint-to-be, burnin' love, and coconut cream--all crafted into beautiful hearts of different shapes. I especially like the blackberry: a beautifully dusted, oblong purple heart with a tart bite to it.

Raw Chocolate Box

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