Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Down Home Diner in RTM, Philadelphia PA

In August 2012, some brunchmates and I enjoyed a laid back, delicious week-day brunch at The Down Home Diner.  Here is the previously unpublished review:

In the mood for a southern-style breakfast? Looking for a child-friendly dining experience? Looking for a good starting point as a tourist? Look no further than the Down Home Diner located in Philadelphia's Reading Terminal Market.

Asparagus & Mushroom Scram
On a recent visit, I order the Asparagus and Mushroom Scram ($6.99), "barnyard fresh eggs scrambled with asparagus and mushrooms." Deciding that I was in the mood for some decadence, I  added cheddar cheese as well. The asparagus was fresh and cooked to a perfect consistency.  Overall an A+ omelet with the surprise bonus of a slice of watermelon! The potato hash-browns had a nice crispy edge-to-soft middle ratio, but otherwise did not stand out.

Country French Toast

 One brunchmate tried the Country French Toast ($6.99). It's nothing fancy, and could have probably used the addition of some fresh fruit or berries, but the thick yet airy slices are a good quality toast.

Another brunchmate tried the Corn Hoe Cakes with Turkey Sausage ($7.99). The sausage was flavorful and "far more substantial that other turkey sausages I've met. In fact, I might not have been able to tell the difference if I hadn't know. " The corn hoe cakes were very light, similar to a buttermilk, but had sweet corn throughout!

Corn Hoe Cakes with Turkey Sausage

My youngest brunchmate shared her parent's meal, but had her own glass of water. Our server was thoughtful enough to bring a glass for her that was only partially full so there were no fear of spills!

If you're looking for a quality diner experience in the heart of center city, look no further than the Down Home Diner!

If you go:
  • 51 North 12th Street  Philadelphia, PA 19107
  • Phone: (215) 627-1955
  • They accept credit cards.
  • Down Home Diner Website

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